Ladies, God Says we are not Equal to Men (Introduction to Website)



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Today, men and women are seen as equals. They have fully equal rights. The right to work, to have careers, to vote, and so much more.
But I’m here to tell you that this is, without a doubt, not what God wanted for our world at all. Most girls, even way before they are teenagers, are taught in school and in their homes pretty much the same thing about how their life should go. They are taught that they should grow up to have a career or job. That their lifestyles should not have to be any different because of gender. In fact, most girls today never even have the thought that they were ever different from men in equality until they hear about it in school or from their parents. Sadly, I was one of those girls, I started having the beliefs that I do now about what God says women are supposed to do since I was about 12. My dad explained this stuff to me at about that age, and I almost couldn’t believe it, since I had never heard about it in church, or really anywhere. I was completely planning to have a career or job. But after my dad told me this stuff, I looked it up in the bible for proof, and when I found it, it changed my whole perspective on everything. I look at our world today, and instead of it seeming pretty normal, I look at the world and am so confused about why people need to be so equal to each other gender-wise. Equality doesn’t seem so natural to me like it used to be anymore. I also have no idea why, but it seems like today women are more concerned with being equal, but don’t even ask themselves why they weren’t equal with men to begin with. I already know the reason, but it seems that they themselves don’t want to know.

I promise that in my next posts that I make, I will discuss the verses that explain to us how we women are not equal to men.

People today don’t want to completely live by the bible. Sure, maybe they try to live by the rules that they think wouldn’t bother them, like to not steal, murder, or lie, but when it comes to gender roles… most people don’t care. Or they redefine it, criticize it, or just act like it isn’t there in the bible at all. I know that many people think that gender roles are just some little thing in the bible, that it isn’t that important, that it’s just one rule, and that we should just completely ignore it. But it is much bigger than you think. The verses about gender roles are basically telling you how to live your everyday life when you’re older and have a family, and how you live your life, should at least try to reflect what the bible says. When you choose not to become a homemaker, even when you know that God wants you to, that effects not only your marriage, but your children too. Submission is an even bigger part of your life that will definitely effect your marriage if you choose not to submit to your husband. And not submitting to your husband and also not being a homemaker for your family will definitely affect your relationship with God since you are not doing what God is commanding you and other women to do.  This world that we live in is confusing, and not everything people do go with what God tells them to do. To live differently from the rest of the world, is very hard to do. We don’t want to be looked at differently, and don’t want to be treated differently. But I think that we should worry less about what other people think of us, and worry more about what our God and creator thinks of us. When we purposely choose not to follow God’s rules, we need to think about how that might make Him feel. He has done so much for us, and Jesus even died for us and the many sins that we have done. I think that we owe Him to follow this rule and more, don’t you think? Now even though I want to and will follow this rule when i am older, I’m not perfect, no one is except God, and I will always make mistakes because I am a sinner. I also know that during my days of being submissively married and having children around with me while being a homemaker, I will definitely make some mistakes along the way, and my life will not be considered easy or perfect. However, I think personally that if we see a rule in the bible that we know God wants us to follow, whether we think its easy to do or not, then we should at least try our best to do what that rule says we should do.

(This post was basically an intro to everything that I will be writing about, which is why it has no verses in it, the next few things that I post will.)

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