About Me

My dad helped me name my blog, because I had a hard time coming up with a name myself, but you all must be wondering what it means, and I don’t blame you, I was the same way when my dad told me it 🙂 .

-Almah means, “young girl or young woman”, in the Hebrew language.
-Ishshah means, “woman”, which is also in the Hebrew language.

From girl to woman“.

Katie Saline is my pen name and I am now 15 years old. I am writing on this blog to show you all my own journey through life, and my study of God’s Word as I discover what it means for me to be the woman that God wants me to become one day. I believe that God has called women to be submissive to their husbands and homemakers to their children and their husbands. These are the reasons God made us.

I know that there are many blogs out there that try to reach out to teen girls and/or boys, but most, if not all of them are by adults, or they just don’t teach the things that I will be trying to teach to you. My main purpose of making my blog at the age that I am, is to reach out to and relate to other teen girls like me, who are struggling with the types of beliefs that I will be discussing. I have literally never even heard of a girl at my school, or anywhere I’ve been for that matter, say that they wanted to be a homemaker and planned to be submissive helpmeets to their husbands when they get older. I feel very alone in thinking the way that I do, because despite the many older women that I’ve heard of and met that do these two things that the bible discusses, I still wish that I could talk to, or even convince another girl my age to want what I and God wants for women. And that is the other purpose of my blog; to find another teen girl who believes the way I do. So if you do think like I do, and you are my age or close to it, please comment on one of my posts, and let me know.

I hope through this blog to not only find like-minded young Christian girls like me, but to also give young teenage girls a different view point about life that they may never have heard.

These two topics (submission/helpmeets and homemakers) are what I will mainly be talking about here on my blog, but I may talk about other topics from the bible as well from time to time. No matter what your gender is, your age, or your religion, if you have a question(s), statement(s), or just a comment you would like to put on my site, I will not ignore it because you are not a teen girl.

I will respond to all comments, but I will not respond to ones that are criticizing my blog, the Bible, my God, or me. I will delete theses comments as soon as I see them. Saying that women should be homemakers is a sensitive subject for most people, even Christians, but the most sensitive of the two subjects that I will be discussing, is the one about submission/helpmeets. I will be talking about homemakers first though.

So, basically this blog is about biblical gender roles for girls.

I will be posting on the weekends only, and not all the time.

I hope you will enjoy and learn from my own personal journey from being a girl to being the woman that God wants me to be.

(By the way, I read from the KJV bible, and I am a Baptist Christian)